Album artwork for Prazdnost' EP

Prazdnost' EP Geju

Release date: May 29, 2020
Cat No: TGOB 002
Barcode: 4250101417368
Russian duo Geju kick off a series of fresh releases on The Gardens of Babylon Records After last year’s first release on the label, things have been a bit quiet on the record label run by The Gardens of Babylon. The coming months will prove that they haven’t been sitting still, as a string of releases is to be expected from the imprint. First up is the Russian duo Geju. Their EP is called ‘Prazdnost’ EP’ and it sees the release of four original tracks by Geju, plus a remix by Chaim. The artists are two of the most adored acts in the community that is The Gardens of Babylon for quite a while already, so a contribution by them to the record label feels more than natural.

The release carries a deep, dark and almost sensual feel to it, that identifies the producers so well. Their signature downtempo electronica sound can be recognized in all the four tracks, their Russian roots being most apparent in in the title track, Prazdnost', where you can hear the recording of a street performance in Moscow. Chaim his remix for this song is orientated more towards the dancefloor, delivering a joyful twist to the whole.

Keep your eyes and ears pealed for more releases from The Gardens of Babylon in the months to come. In times like these it’s important to let the music to the talking. Expect this coming from artists like Vander, The Soul Brothers, Parallells and Zigan Aldi. Also, not to be missed is this years edition of The Monastery, a Various Artists release that covers a very big part of the The Gardens of Babylon family.

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