Album artwork for Predawn Qualia EP

Predawn Qualia EP Kangding Ray



Release date: May 17, 2019
Cat No: ARA001
Barcode: 4250101406805
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19,90 €
Each vinyl sleeve is individually painted with highly-pigmented acrylic, using a single-movement brush technic. (Limited edition of 500) 180g Vinyl
ara is a new record label curated by David Letellier, a.k.a Kangding Ray. ara is a platform for recording artists with unique sonic identities that seeks to induce deep emotion through sound ; focusing on singular artistic endeavours, created with patience and dedication. While rooted in electronic club music, ara will not follow any prescribed sonic path : it will explore a palette of diverse sound worlds who evolve through parallel series of curated releases. Each series will represent either a concept or a particular musical direction, which will be mirrored by its own design approach. Since releasing physical records is increasingly becoming an irrational choice, each record will be irrationally produced as an hand-made work of art, involving procedures and techniques such as manually-applied ink, brushed acrylic paint or tape. Each edition will be individually numbered, recognisable as a part of a whole, while being slightly different by nature. The first release, by label curator Kangding Ray, will be the first step of this journey : organic, emotional club music, for the body and mind.

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