Album artwork for Prizma

Prizma Nenad Vilovic

Cat No: FOX009LP
Barcode: 0793597119827
24,90 €
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Deluxe limited edition vinyl LP of the unpublished Nenad Vilovic lost synth-masterpiece Prizma. The Yugoslavian and Croatian disco and pop chart-maker and once a Split International Music Festival headman (also in groups Grupa ST, Mladi Batali, etc.), producer of Dino Dvornik, Ambasadori, Oliver Dragojevic, Meri Cetinic, Leo Martin and many more, recorded this space-prog-electronica album in complete secrecy. It was refused in the 1980s by major Yugoslavian record labels for being too experimental, but it is actually a game changer in the field of socialist YU electronica. Miha Kralj, Laza Ristovski, Igor Savin and Kornelije Kovac now have company in the field of complex analog synthesizer concept albums, with this one being finally released by Fox & His Friends Records after 37 years of being shelved. Every instrument on this album has been played by Vilovic himself. This rare piece of vinyl is cut by Pauler Acoustics, mastered by Antony Ryan and features exclusive cover design by Eric Adrian Lee. The studio master is here presented in its entirety; no track was replaced or changed its order. This is how it was imagined to be released in 1985, when Nenad Vilovic played all instruments, produced, composed, arranged, recorded and even sang on the whole thing. However the title "Prizma" may suggest, this is not a structuralist concept album, but a conceptual use of his studio, instruments and musical knowledge. It mixes the ethnic, electronic, geographical and ambient roots of the crowned festival producer, hit-maker and fast-skilled studio musician who spent all of his money on new machines and his musical progress.

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