Album artwork for PROGaDUB


Release date: June 8, 2015
Cat No: Acker LP 04
Barcode: 880319714511
14,90 €
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Acker LP 04
14,90 €
It's Dub, but reverberating far beyond the genre's borders. It has a summer Reggae vibe, but doesn't sound like just another chapter of that good, old story. It's perfidiously dope, but at the same time extremely danceable. It has clever lyrics, but it's all about the sound. It's what JPattersson describes as PROGaDUB – because he's not from Jamaica, he's from East Germany. Inspired by heavyweight bass lines, bicycle rides and Caribbean riddims, by chocolate, vintage groovebox sounds and the carefree ruckus of kids playing on the street, the young talent delivers an album that is chiefly progressive and diverse. “We Came In Peace” is build around dynamic chanting and passionate trumpet play. “Ravers Dub” is a smooth melange of straight beats, mellow offbeat chords and the psychedelic echoes of a steel drum. The chorus of “Turn Off Your Smartphone” invites to sing along, and “Vagabond” is a dreamy interplay of hand-made music and synthetic groove. Some tracks come with a sublime hint of Balkan sound, some with an air of Jazz. In doing what felt right, JPattersson has successfully defined his very own genre: PROGaDUB.

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