Proibidao EP

Release date: March 1, 2019
Cat No: Mass 03
Barcode: 4250101404511
Brazilian label Massa Records has made a blistering start to life recently, with originals by Subismo and FRL backed with equally emphatic remixes by star turns a la John Tejada and Hammer. The latest chapter in their promising story sees them switch their attention to more thoroughly domestic matters courtesy of label bosses Renato Cohen and his Brazilian compatriot, Rosco Sledge (aka Wehbba), who team up with some distinction courtesy of the most excellent Proibidão EP. Chances are if you’ve encountered this label so far then you’ll already be too aware that theirs isn’t your typical way of working. The title track here is a fitting indication of what we’re talking about. Full of gumption and off-kilter spoken vocal contributions (which come from none other than Sepultura’s Derrick Green!), the 303 mix of ‘Proibidão’ is a real treat for the senses that sees Roland’s drum machines used in seriously impressive fashion. Already a hit in the duo’s native Brazil, the track has found favour with both disco and techno heads - a fact that’s testament to its versatility and wide-reaching appeal. Originally coming to prominence in Brazil as it was played by Selvagem at their world-famous party of the same name, it now looks set to earn the recognition it deserves outside of its home country. The ‘101’ mix of the latter is more rushed affair, with the vocals taking more of a backseat and the baseline earning the range of plaudits. Repetentes’s 2008 remix is arguably the release’s most flair-filled. Full of house, disco and techno elements, it’s a diverse and unlikely take on an original that sounds unusual on paper but actually delivers in spades. The release’s curtain call comes at us from Selvagem’s Dj Trepanado, who turns the original on its head, churning out a remix that’s part eerie, party cheerful. Another whose stock has been rising raidly in recent months, Selvagem even performed recently at Holland’s much-loved Dekmantel festival. Much like the rest of the release, it’s sure to make an impression. Top work from a label we would evidently do well to keep an eye on over the next while.