Album artwork for Propeller Ep

Propeller Ep DFÜZE

Release date: February 26, 2021
Barcode: 4250101425387
Digital Single
Propeller EP establish the launch of the new side project from the duo Flow & Zeo. Influenced by their 80’s and 90’s baggage mixed with nowadays textures, this particular sound is a combination of Breaks, Electro and Miami Bass.

DFÜZE has been part of the couple studio creation for a long time… and on its first release, they present 2 original mixes, Propeller & Burst. Both tracks are very intense, with analog synthesis, mysterious vibes and driving grooves. A great taste of what this project is coming for.

This package includes heavyweight remixers, such as Renato Ratier, Joyce Muniz and L_cio, who delivers different perspectives and great music to polish properly the release.

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