Album artwork for Prophecy EP

Prophecy EP Tim Engelhard

Release date: March 23, 2021
Barcode: 4250101428739
11,20 €
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The prodigiously talented Tim Engelhardt returns to Watergate for his third EP outing. The young producer has been industrious throughout 2020; he released a new album ‘Idiosynkrasia’ on Stil Vor Talent, remixed Trentemøller and gifted Watergate another excellent EP, ‘Rooted’, among other activities. ‘Prophecy’ EP continues his touch for crafting exquisite compositions that evoke a warm cocoon-like atmosphere. The title track places his sound design skills at the fore, as tender melodic flourishes run alongside a hummed vocal line, piano and swelling pads. ‘Polygon Particles’ is an intricate acoustic jam centred around a chunky bassline, lilting synth and keys, which builds towards a feel-good finish. The evocative ‘Connected in Silence’ rounds out the trio of tracks, driven by a crisp percussive core and wistful widescreen soundscapes.

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