Album artwork for Ps1103 Ep

Ps1103 Ep The Golden Filter

Release date: September 25, 2015
Cat No: OM029
Barcode: 880319725418
Sold Out
We are very happy to welcome The Golden Filter to Optimo Music. In fact we loved all the tracks they sent us so much that as well as a 4-track EP, they will be sharing an EP release on Optimo Trax too.

Penelope and Stephen originally hail from opposite sides of the planet (Australia and America) but have united to create a distinctly unique electronic sound. Following several previous releases, their sound has progressed into a deeper, richer, advanced hypno-sound with state of the art synthetic sound design and vocal phrases ricocheting around the mix. It's hard to pull off tracks that constantly morph and develop over the course of a few minutes but The Golden Filter accomplish this with seeming ease on the "PS1103" EP.

Music for nightclubs and far beyond….]

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