Album artwork for Psydon & Obthor

Psydon & Obthor Umami

Release date: August 7, 2020
Cat No: 3000° 087
Barcode: 4250101419997
Digital Single
3000° 087
With the sensitive audacity that is so typical for the duo, Umami dissect the delicate space-time continu-um of our everyday world and sew it back together into an entirely new reality that keeps morphing into ever new shapes with each of our dance moves. A sampled stream of thought seeps through the cracks between the rolling bass structure and the melodic frequencies of Psydon that are tuned to a maximum of synaptic stimulation. Green Lake Project takes advantage of its legendary psychonautic navigation skills and their long distance groove to teleport this dance experience into a neon-colored world full of bubbling Acid fountains. With Obthor, Umami change into a somewhat lighter, more playful, but still pleasantly inebriated mode without losing the deep, hypnotic vibe that is the backbone of this EP. Last but not least, Meerkatz makes this illustrious gathering complete, as his remix is ventilated with plenty of open air and folds its huge sonic space around our mind with melodic lightness.

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