Push/I Am The Car

Release date: February 1, 2010
Cat No: SPC-83X
Barcode: 804297998312
Sold Out
In 2009, Audion released single by single for a more slow, calculated experience. You had to actually listen and spend time with the material which is not typical these days. In 2010, we wrap up this cycle by offering a LIMITED WHITE LABEL, combining the first track, "I Am The Car" and final track, "Push." While many of Audion_s 2009 singles showcase a newfound obsession with restraint, understatement, and barely-there dynamics, “Push” runs in the exact opposite direction and never looks back. A classic Audion track in the “Mouth to Mouth” mold, the aptly named “Push” traffics in unapologetically anthemic builds, precision calibrated to make_em go crazy on the dancefloor. Relentlessly chugging rhythms, bouyant blips of keyboard, room-swallowing low-end swells, and wave after wave of ecstatic climax. Sometimes, a great track is as simple as that. As the first track released from Audion_s first full-length album since 2005_s landmark Suckfish, “I Am the Car” works hard to distance itself from Audion_s trademark serrated hihats and ruthless syncopation. Indeed, “I Am the Car”_s super-sub-bass pulse and damp, cavernous atmosphere are completely unprecedented in the Matthew Dear universe. The track is little more than ten minutes of reverb-submerged bass, microscopic electronic rhumba, and tendrils of dubby, spider-fingered melody. But its achingly slow development is a long con, as Dear_s pitch-black production grows more sinister and sexy with each passing minute. “I Am the Car” is Audion at his most minimal-and, as anyone knows about the art of seduction, less is more.

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