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QAM EP Sascha Funke

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In the constant state of flux that house and techno are in since their inception, Berlin’s Sascha Funke is at once a fixture and an emblem of the city’s transformations. Probably best-known for his work on BPitch, Kompakt or the evergreen MZ, Funke’s EP for Running Back is an amalgamation of sounds, influences and atmospheres. Subdued rave euphoria, robotic disco-influenced techno-pop and hints of Berlin’s long gone „Dubmission“ party ethics get re-arranged, extracted and reconfigured with „German engineering“ values. Take the ritual QAM for instance. Using a sample and the legendary morse melody of the weather forecast at the end of each „Tagesschau“ and putting it in a completely different context, is a prime example of a free-form approach to making music and making nostalgia future-proof. That also holds true for the rest of the EP. While titles like FEZ (Freizeit- und Erholungszentrum) or SEZ (Sport- und Erholungszentrum) refer to lost places in East Berlin, the tracks are anything but. Yearning, precisely programmed and full of joie de vivre at the same time, they all lock into and complement each other. So much, that you will find a new favorite with every listen.

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