Album artwork for Quando Te Veo EP

Quando Te Veo EP Sparrow & Barbossa

Release date: June 11, 2021
Cat No: Connected 080
Barcode: 4250101429057
Digital Single
Connected 080
Sparrow & Barbossa join forces with the Stereo MC’s connected label for new EP ‘Quando Te Veo’. Sparrow & Barbossahave been responsible for some of the most memorable Afro/Latin inspired releases in recent years, with singles on Mo’Black, Madorasindahouse and Redolent. It comes as no surprise then that they would choose to release one of their most impressive recordsto date with the ever-excellent connected.

Here the guys deliver once again with a remake of the Mo‘Horizons tune ‘Quando Te Veo’. They add a whole new dimension of Afro / Latin flavours to the original vocal while introducing Francis Coletta, a legendary guitarist who has graced the stage with many from Frank Sinatra to Joe Sample and is also the father of Sparrow. The addition of deft and beautiful melodic licks ,creates a perfect storm of passion, rhythm and musicality.

Second track ‘Afriano’ is a percussive outing with waves of growling bass, arcs of strings and white noise held together by a classic mutating piano refrain, light-spirited, joyful dancefloor material.

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