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Release date: April 3, 2006
Cat No: Mule Electronic 015
Barcode: 880319177712
Sold Out
Based in Sapporo. Started his musical activities in 1985. Being significantly impacted by German progressive and noise, the brothers' unit “DRP” was formed. The style of its live performance at that time produced hardcore sound with the fusion of metal percussion, noise and electro. At the late 80's to the early 90's, its works released from major labels in Europe that electro music was popular such as BODY RECORD, ANTLER SUBWAY RECORDS, KK RCORDS and so on. Since the middle of 90's, he has performed live frequently under some names and started his musical activities as the unit “MASK” presenting the fusion of native musical factor that world music has got and electro. He also started the production of the tunes absorbed acoustic sound such as percussion, piano and so on that he plays in his own person. Then, he took part in the unit of Haruomi Hosono (a.k.a YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA member) as percussionist at the big event “RAINBOW 2000 JAPAN” in 1998. Furthermore, he started producing his works under his field recordings. In 2000, his first album “RING” under the name “KOSS” was released. This epic downbeat album including the tunes extended to 40 minutes was highly appreciated by many artists including LARRY HEARD and PLAID and also media. His tunes are experimental yet to musical and establish his vision of the world on a constant basis at the high level. In 2001, by taking part in the festival “BIG CHILL” in Naxos, Greek he started his live performance with his laptop energetically and even now the tunes of KOSS have been mutating and evolving. The album “LIVE RING” released in 2002 that he absorbed the element of dub differed from his original tune “RING” raised his visibility.
Fumiya Tanaka macht uns den Villalobos. Verspulter Remix der dubbig & extra lang ist. + Original & Koss Mix

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