Album artwork for Rabbit Tube (Dj Koze Mix)

Rabbit Tube (Dj Koze Mix) Lawrence

Release date: October 1, 2007
Cat No: Mule Electronic 038
Barcode: 880319278914
Mule Electronic 038
11,20 €
Peter M. Kersten aka Lawrence / Sten launched the dial label ( in 2000 together with his flat mate and dj friend Carsten Jost. To release their own stuff and the music of techno visionaires such as Pantha du Prince, Pawel (aka Turner), Efdemin and many others, the dial crew found a distribution and friendship with colognes Kompakt universe. The music of Lawrence has often been discribed as something visual, imaginary, like it may a transfigured painting of all tones of grey, showing disturbing plants growing into any directions. But just have a look at the cover artworks of Friedrich Ploch, Sandra Thomsen and Peter M. Kersten himself and you even find the link. His debutalbum on dial/Ladomat (2002) and the 12inches für Kompakt, Ladomat and Dial seem like a deep journey between, deepness and melancholy, sometimes a spark of humour or a drift into darkness mark its way. But Peter Kersten's music is not totally untouchable, concrete links to different styles as detroitish techno, singer songwriters and E-music appear. And in the former Present he returns mor and mor to the dancefloor- organic minimal deephouse with a touch of detroit feeling is the new Lawrence In 2003 his second longplayer "The Absence Of Blight" was a surprising success. Remixes for Martin L. Gore, Superpitcher, Nitrada and a first 12" on the New York based Imprint Ghostly International follow. As a resident Dj Lawrence aka Sten spins at the Hamburg based Clubs Golden Pudel and Click alongside labelmate Carsten Jost, and guests like Michael Mayer, Chloé, Sascha Funke and others. His alter ego Sten reduces Kersten`s musicality to the magic moments on a minimal dancefloor. His deep and functional minimaltechno hit the djs choice from the first 12inch to Sten's Album "Leaving the Frantic" 2004 on dial. So DJs like Sven Väth, Tobias Thomas, Andre Galluzzi, Josh Wink catched tracks for their Compilations, and the Sender Label Berlin (Misc., Meteope, Carsten Jost) signed Sten for a few 12inches. Due to his large Output Peter Kersten started to tour arround the world to invite the dancing people on a deep journey into Lawrence/Sten-sound, hitting the floors in russia, the united states,all over europe and even japan, where he just released a Compilation in 2006 of his best tracks, Remixes and some exclusive new tunes.
2 Gründe um mit Lawrence zu kuscheln & ein Koze Mix der auch auf'm Fischmarkt noch eine gute Figur macht.

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