Rabimmel Rabammel

Label: Areal
Release date: May 3, 2004
Cat No: Areal 022
Barcode: 880319110917
Sold Out
Our sincere apology, unfortunatly the German text for this record is not as translatable has we wish it could be. Rabimmel Rabammel Rabum Bum Bum is a German song that is sung by children on the day of the blessed Saint Martin. We also can not explain why we decided to use the image that is found on the cover front. It was the nephew of our resident DJ, Jan-Eric Kaiser, that created this masterpiece. We love the fine arts and so we saw it has the perfect means to exploit the up incoming star. What we can say for sure is that we decided to let this folk-record be our loudest and noisiest release ever. 12” with songs from Basteroid, Konfekt, Metope and Ada.
Ich geh mit meiner Laterne und meine Laterne mit mir. Da oben leuchten die Sterne, hier unten da leuchten wir. Wie schön das klingt, wenn jeder singt. Rabimmel, rabammel, rabum. Das Licht ist aus, wir gehen nach Haus. Rabimmel,rabammel, rabum, bum bum.

12“ mit Liedern von Basteroid, Konfekt, Metope und Ada.