Album artwork for Radiant EP

Radiant EP Eins Tiefer

Release date: March 15, 2019
Cat No: URR 003
Barcode: 4250101404412
Digital Single
URR 003
Raving and cooking, cooking and raving. Through day and night, Berlin-based outfit Eins Tiefer (for the eponymous hidden underground rave where they first met) partition their time between the kitchen of their restaurant, St. Mauli, and the DJ booth, where they get to test some of their own dedicated 4/4 recipes. Following up to their debut outing on Sisyphon, 'Reactor', plus contributions to the likes of Upon.You, Younion and Nightcolours Recordings, Vincent and Nico step up on Unreel with 'Radiant' - an finely executed slab of deep, sensitive techno sprinkled with steely drums, dubby post-industrialisms and a 303-marinated kind of spaced-out quirk. Cutting a path of destruction into the club with its arsenal of stomping 909 kicks, rapidly offset by wide-spanning corollas of arpeggiated synth scales and subtle droney accents that breathe in further intrigue and impact into the cut's progressive buildup, the title-track 'Radiant' shines above like an all-powerful celestial body, steadily steering dancers into a state of enslaving ecstasy as the club gets on levitation mode. With its hyperventilating shuffle and boiling 303 rides commanding the drive, the B-side shall trigger pleasure spots by the dozen. Tense as gets as its title suggests, 'Volt' is neither 100% dub, nor is it purebred acid, it's also not industrial, not cosmic, not electronica, not drone, but it's all of that at once, and most definitely far more satisfying as a whole than the sum of its parts may imply. One to leave any dancefloor in a solid, lasting daze.

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