Album artwork for Radio EP

Radio EP Schwanbeck



Release date: March 9, 2009
Cat No: Echocord 035
Barcode: 880319392412
Echocord 035
4,90 €
We welcome a new artist on Echocord, Schwanbeck from Hamburg. While playing in several guitar bands around the early ninetees he buys a cheap drum machine to support some of his singer/songwriter recordings. He also gets into djing around that time when he learns about British Downbeat, Drum & Bass, House and Detroit Techno aswell as German Minimal Techno. Related to his first tracks on a compilation he releases two 12"s on his own in 2003. Schwanbeck loves organic soundscapes, laidback grooves and not being too predictable. This beautifull dubby Tech-release also includes a powerfull Quantec Remix.
Organische Flächen, gelassene Beats und ein cleveres Arrangement sorgen für ein kurzweiliges Vergnügen.

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