Album artwork for Radio Koko

Radio Koko Kornél Kovács



Cat No: NMBRS40
Barcode: 4250101445323
14,90 €
  • 6273ebc646c2e
  • release
Slide into summer with the Numbers repress of Kornél Kovács’ Radio Koko, available on vinyl for the first time since its original release in 2015. Radio Koko revives a dream radio station where music never sleeps and the hits keep coming, a soundtrack for both sweaty nights out and laidback beach BBQs. Listeners will already be familiar with the irresistible curveball house hit Pantálon, the Reese + Mentasm riffs of Gangsta, the jacking Lighthouse and the ecstatic/melancholic soundclash of Malon with Marcus Price. Coming on the heels of Kovács’ solo albums The Bells and Stockholm Marathon, this repress is a timely reminder of the prominent producer and DJ’s festive musicality and party-starting approach.

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