Album artwork for Rainbow Gelato EP

Rainbow Gelato EP Donald’s House

Release date: November 15, 2019
Cat No: TFAD7
Barcode: 4250101409936
9,20 €
When talking about the sheer quality of dance music coming out of Melbourne, it’s often commented that there must be something in the water. And with their second EP on Nick Höppner’s Touch From A Distance imprint, the Melbourne based duo, Donald’s House, are doing everything they can to prove that statement right. Continuing on with their signature 90s house meets Paradise Garage era disco sound, the Rainbow Gelato EP is a homage to their love of sweet treats, and their mother’s prowess with an ice cream machine. Starting off the EP is Rainbow Gelato – an M1 banger that’ll get even the most discerning house head moving. Featuring an irresistibly groovy bassline, piano hooks that unite dance floors with jiggling fingers, sax solos, and an almost obnoxiously long drum break down – Rainbow Gelato is beautifully familiar in its sound pallet, yet completely original in its composition. Slowing things down on the A2 is Cosmic Sorbet, an 80s boogie sounding track that tugs on emotional heartstrings with its sax work, Rhodes chords, arpeggiated flutes and tom rolls. Flipping over the record, you’ll find Pseudo Affogato – a more hypnotic number with lush chords, euphoric noodles and a plucky bassline. To finish off the EP, the duo goes back to the dancefloor with Piano Parfait. A punchy little weapon with dramatic chords, keyboard slides, and a horn section that’s reminiscent of a Latin big band. By channelling their musicality and their love of the 80s tinged drums, Donald’s House has delivered another quality EP, that’s destined to get people’s hips wiggling for quite some time to come.

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