Album artwork for Randnotizen from Idiot town

Randnotizen from Idiot town School of Zuversicht

Release date: February 8, 2010
Cat No: Pingipung 17 LP
Barcode: 880319441417
Pingipung 17 LP
13,70 €
Pingipung presents the debut album from “School of Zuversicht” with the release of “Randnotizen from Idiot town”. This release is special for several reasons: First, we are delighted to be able to welcome the first female artist to Pingipung for the first time in the label's eight-year history. Second, as a label we have gone back to our analogue roots by releasing the work on vinyl. Third, we think the music is absolutely fantastic: with its mix of minimal club beats, great elements of pop and ly- rics somewhere between confidence and skepti- cism, “Randnotizen from Idiot town” is a se- minal work encompassing different aspects of ur- ban music and cultural styles. The singer behind "School of Zuversicht" is DJ Patex from Hamburg. As well as conquering the world as part of the “Knarf Rellöm Trinity”, she is also known for her performances at the most famous dockside shack, the Golden Pudel Club. The exuberance of this work from “School of Zu- versicht” is reflected in the colourful combination of different players from a host of genres. Collaborators in “Randnotizen from idiot town” include Pascal Fuhlbrügge, Knarf Rellöm, Guz, Hans Platzgumer, Maurice Summen (Die Türen), Plemo and Stefan Götsch (The Dance inc.).

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