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Range Of Regularity Remixes

Release date: January 19, 2018
Cat No: AMEL-EP713/716 Bundle
Barcode: 880319909115
Sold Out
comes with a bonus track download card
The second EP of Samuel Rohrer’s Range of Regularity album presents two more striking reinterprations. Burnt Friedman’s own dramatic interpre-tation of “Microcosmoism” pairs up his consciousness of deep bass and analog inventiveness with Rohrer’s continually transforming sound ob-jects, making for a flowing and wordless narrative that simply dares listen-ers to stop paying attention. Feeling more like a collaboration in “real time” than a remix proper, Friedman brings his characteristic ‘mad scientist’ wit to the proceedings and delivers an energetic piece that simply glows in the dark.

The Villalobos’ remix of “Microcosmoism” carries a high energy level while heavily experimenting with feelings of emotional ambiguity. At some points aggressive and at other points merely curious, this mischievous collage of attitudes feels as inspired by the questing jazz of Sun Ra as it is by continental techno. Contemplative keyboard runs, enthusiastic spring-like percussion and malfunctioning machine chatter all coalesce to make this a most fascinating piece of multi-purpose electronic music.

Vilod, the collaborative duo of Villalobos and Max Loderbauer present the “Uncertain Grace” remix which is no less engaging. A buzzing beehive of activity powered by an organ- like refrain, this is one of those pieces that will induce a fee- ling of perpetual movement into even the most still of physi- cal surroundings. This is especially true when, after four and a half minutes of flotation, a straight-ahead techno rhythm ta- kes over and all the disparate hovering elements fall into place.

Villalobos’ compelling take on “Lenina” pulsates from start to finish with a kind of voluntary anxiety; a commitment to painting every corner of the sonic surface with clearly defined pointillist touches. While this kind of approach would cause less confident producers to collapse at their editing worksta- tion, Villalobos takes to the task with gusto - leaving see- mingly no corner un-animated by sound, he pieces together something surpris-ingly funky and hyper-real from a catalog of distinct percussive hits, time-reversed ephemera, and playful “kitchen sink” ambience.

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