Album artwork for Rave Casualty EP

Rave Casualty EP Flashmob

Release date: September 23, 2016
Cat No: Connected 009WEST
Barcode: 880319798719
For the launch of EASTWEST, the Brixton/Berlin label connected invited 2 legends, Flashmob (Milan) and Alican (Istanbul) -the result: 2 mind blowing ep’s ....... EASTWEST , connecting DJs/producers worldwide with a series of releases and parties in the cities involved to celebrate the uniting power of the beat. Flashmob ‘Rave Casualty’ EP (connected 009DWEST) The powerhouse and workaholic that is Flashmob ,after many releases on labels from Alan Fitzpatricks ESD to Upon You is now a solo act and is putting fire in the disco with a forward thinking unique blend of Techno. The analogue experimental drift of this Ep brings freedom in intention and music maturity. The use of the typical drum-tool groove is also something FMOB is making a name for. It was love at first sight. The ‘Rave Casualty’ EP is the sound of experience , honed down, to aim straight for the stripped down power of the drums and the minimalistic glimpses of manipulated sounds and music to enhance. Raw and effective. On a dancefloor now.

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