Album artwork for Reaktions EP

Reaktions EP P. Lopez; Octavio



Release date: September 4, 2015
Cat No: AEON017
Barcode: 880319722318
8,70 €
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Alex Niggemann’s AEON label mirrors the peak time DJs sets that the supremely talented Berliner plays, staying focused on conjuring up the spirit of classic and timeless house and techno, updating it and cre- ating new boundless possibilities for the future. Since launching the label in 2013 Alex has been gradually building a family of like-minded creative individuals to keep the AEON ethos moving ever forward. The label’s 17th release sees regular artist P. Lopez team up with fellow Paraguayan producer Octavio and deliver a glori- ous 5-track techno EP, including a stylish remix from the masterful Tobias. (Berghain / Life & Death). Having already become established in the label’s ev- er-growing creative family of super-talented producers with his “The Same Beat EP” (AEON006) and “Don’t Trip” (partnered with Octavio) on the “Lost Tapes Vol.1” compilation LP (AEON010), with this new EP, P. Lopez & Octavio raise the bar yet again. The duo stamp their sonic wizardry all over the techno blueprint – darkness to light, melancholic to euphoric – these dynamic tracks explore a multitude of musical emotions. Razor sharp percussive power with layer upon layer of subtle mood defining sounds creates a decadence that only dark- ness can bring - cipher for restless sexual tension that comes alive the best clubs around the world. P. Lopez & Octavio’s deft creative skills blend subtlety with energy and gorgeous quirky compositional traits to create a showcase of stellar tracks that complement each other when played in their entirety, and yet stand out as hi-octane individual gems on their own. When influential electronic mainstay for many years, To- bias Freund, put the full stop behind his first name, he started releasing tracks that refined the live approach to his broad variety of music between Acid, Ambient and Techno to reduced but jacking grooves that displayed as much attention to detail as to floor impact and be- came an integral part of the defining sounds emanating from Germany since the turn of the millennium. Here, his remix of “Reaktions” is yet another masterclass in his subtle genius, perfectly in tune with AEON’s philoso- phy.

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