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Real Subjects Adultnapper

Release date: January 16, 2006
Cat No: Mule Electronic 012
Barcode: 880319171017
Mule Electronic 012
11,20 €
In the four short years he has been DJ-ing, Francis Harris has made a significant impact on dance music culture. Through the co-production of one New Yorks premier club events, Overboard, and now with the launch of his much anticipated label, Matter-form Records, along with his own house production with production partner Erich Lee (forthcoming release on Surreal April 2003), Francis has established himself as driving force behind New Yorks burgeoning tech-house scene.In the past two years, Francis Harris has zapped his way toward the top of the dance culture energy grid in New York City with a deft ability to find tracks and create mixes that fuel his experimental and innovative spirit. He has set down frenetic and hypnotic sets at venues like NYCs Centro Fly and Shelter, as well as The End and Fabric in London, Skizzo in Mexico and The End Up in San Francisco. Francis has played alongside established music talents like Terry Lee Brown, Timewriter, Terry Francis, Mr. C, Doc Martin, Darren Emerson, Layo and Bushwacka!, Ritchie Hawtin, John Aquaviva, and Pure Science... building an audience and garnering respect from those in the industry. Franciss speedy road to NYC club heights is also due in part to his co-founding of Matter-form Productions in the spring of 1999. Through Matter/:Form, Francis helped in creating events that showcase emergent musical genres within modern dance music... "Overboard", a floating musical excursion that steams 400+ revelers around the Manhattan Island on an old paddlewheel riverboat, has achieved cult status as one of the premier underground music events in New York. In addition to his own residency at the decks aboard this flotilla, industry favorites like Terry Lee Brown, Timewriter, Richie Hawtin, Terry Francis, Pure Science, Sean Cusick, Mr.C, Doc Martin, Craig Richards, Darren Emerson, Roger Sanchez, Kevin Yost, Jimmy Van M, Breeder, Sandra Collins, Layo and Bushwacka!, Jason Jinx, and Pete Moss have also made this sea-going adventure a reason to stay in NYC during the toasty summer months.In the fall of 2001, Francis launched Matter-form Records 001, featuring Argentinas Altocamet, with remixes by New York house and techno producers Alexi Delano and Casey Hogan. With previous releases by London house legend Eddie Richards and Derek Marin as well as Audio Soul Project and more current work by Alpha-Male & Mr. C, the label is already starting to make quite some noise. Hes currently also playing more and more all over Europe: Croatia, Italy, Spain, Belgium,France, Holland, & you name it, hes been there! He ended the year 2003 with a killer release from Mr. C on his label,craftily reworked by himself & Adam Collins and a release by himself and Haris from Laus Records on Mr. Cs End Recordings. In 2004 he released HIGH PRESSURE, a collaboration with Erich Lee (Sunshine Records), a mix by Josh Collins - Last Chance - which Erich Lee and himself arranged, "Face It" Mix (Matter-form), Puzzle by Greg Shiff and himself on Matter-form as well and many more.
Die New York-Tokio Connection bringt einen der clubbigsten Mule Releases hervor. Feines Statement !

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