Album artwork for Recovery

Recovery Lydia Eisenblätter

Release date: May 19, 2023
Cat No: Playrjc 092
Barcode: 4250101455209
Digital Single
Playrjc 092
We're happy and proud to welcome Leipzig based DJ and producer Lydia Eisenblätter to the Live At Robert Johnson family - especially as she could've released these four tracks on her own label [OAM].

Lydia is not messing around here and is taking no prisoners as you can hear right from the start. »D&L« is a lesson in straightforwardness. A pumping bass drum, excellent claps and euphoric synth chords build the base for six minutes of joy all underlined by a certain broody atmosphere. But add this lovely vocal sample and there ain't nothing else to do than to release your mind - and your feet of course.

»Eclipse« is more further traveling in darker territories. Same ingredients here, all combined so well and tasteful there's nothing else to do than surrender to Lydia's eclipse.

»Keep On«'s main feature is one of these classic bass lines that one can't get enough. And Lydia keeps it going for one and a half minutes before she throws in this little break thus lifting us to much needed heights. And one and a half minutes later again up with the next break there's another marvelous vocal sample - if only we'd remember who sang that … But no matter what: Remember: You too can reach the top - and with this classic house banger you surely will!

No stopping with Lydia's last track »Somebody«: Again, this is another SERIOUS SERIOUS DJ tool to set fire to ANY dancefloor - money-back guarantee.

Now give her a big round of applause and shake what ya mama gave ya - if you've still got enough breath …

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