Album artwork for Red Sky (Roland Appel Mix)

Red Sky (Roland Appel Mix) Audision

Release date: April 21, 2008
Cat No: Mule Electronic 043
Barcode: 880319291418
Mule Electronic 043
11,20 €
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This is the debut single of Audision on Mule Electronic. After the sublime single from their own label in 2007, they are going to release first album from Mule Electronic in autumn of this year and this release is first single cut from the album. Two very deep original tracks of Audision and massive dance remix from Roland Appel. Tobias Schmid has been djing for more than a decade and has arrived at his style from acidhouse at the end of the eighties to the minimal sounds of Basic Channel, Minimal Nation, Plus 8 and Axis. By the mid-nineties this flow hit the nation with the new influences of Studio 1, cheap and electronic music department of köln, Wien and Berlin and Tobias took his sound to ars electronica/Linz, Kunstverein München and Zürich, Ultraschall, Tresor, Studio 672, Panoramabar, Watergate, Le Pulp, Batofar, Robert Johnson and his regular nights at Golden Pudel Club or Tanzhalle St. Pauli in Hamburg, transporting his influences to a wider audience. his project Audision, with Niko Tzoukmanis, has released several ep´s on playmade. He and Dj Stefan Sieber have also introduced a new regular club event, Auto.Matic.Music, to test the new productions, and to invite and share with dj's, friends and musicians. Niko Tzoukmanis has been producing tracks since 1995, recording as unitary (solo, on playmade/Minus series and on Logan Tapes) and Audision (with Tobias Schmid, on Playmade/Minus series). He has been spinning at the Kerosin in Augsburg, at the Golden Pudel Club, Tanzhalle, Fleetstreet and Betalounge in Hamburg and at the Bootleg Dj cafe in Rotterdam. he plays sets that move between basic channel/deepchord-style dub tracks, deep Detroit techno and hi-tech funk, always with a strong focus on "tha d" which he considers to be his most important musical influence. together they are AUDISION & believe in deep sound structures.
Audision ist mit zwei deepen House Schubsern zurück. Dazu ein grandioser Remix von R.Appel.

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