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Red, Yellow, Black Wallace

Release date: November 24, 2023
Cat No: Mule Musiq 288
Barcode: 4250101460951
Mule Musiq 288
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19,92 €
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
mule musiq welcomes british producer jimmy wallace, presenting his debut album “red, yellow, black” - a nine track strong record that partly leaves the dancefloor behind.

since childhood, music has been a strong influence on the 33-year-old artist. his mother, a music teacher, exposed him to classical sounds from an early age.

but it was hearing the electronic tones of the french touch movement, which really ignited his mu-sical journey. a year later he started to dj, acting out his love for four-to-the-floor grooves in local clubs. today you'll find him on the bill with artists like ruf dug, mr scruff, or bradley zero, heating up the dance floors.

as a producer he has already released a handful of stunning eps, including one for sweden’s finest house label studio barnhus, and one for london’s revered rhythm section international imprint.

both feature house tunes with an edge, house tunes with a love for the roots of the genre along-side more reflective, ambient moments. he also runs the label tartan records, where he publishes dancefloor focused white labels.

his music has been championed by titans of the scene such as palms trax, ryan elliott, dj tennis, gilles peterson, dixon, and hunee. axel boman even coined his debut ep as “one of the very best demo emails ever received at label studio barhnus hq”.

an advance praise, that wallace now acknowledges with an album full of deeply crafted music. some tracks lean towards the dancefloor, like the swung sounds of “bubbles”, the hypnotic mael-strom of “good morning”, or the epic, jazzy moments of “labyrinth”.

the theme of nature is evident throughout, with field recordings and environmental sounds he rec-orded on the road, being fused with his own musical ideas.

tracks like “waterfall” and “tokyo street”, draw influence on time spent in asia, whereas "dhq", "by the river", and "by the lake" are inspired by his childhood and hometown in the shropshire country-side. “i’ve been writing ambient and more nature focused material for a few years now without really having a plan for it.

finally, this year after writing the tune “labyrinth” i felt i had a body of work which was both diverse and cohesive enough to bring together on a record. so, the album represents moments of time i have spent in various outdoor spaces around the world, using sound to try and turn these experi-ences into musical format.” wallace discloses.

the result is a mesmerizing long player featuring an evocative, emotional story arc that avoids ste-reotypes and straight party orientated narration. “having written plenty of club music for the past few years, i wanted to show a different side to my sound.

something more intimate, private, experimental which can be listened to away from the party.” he reveals on the meditative, blissful “red, yellow, black” - an album, which has the power to transport listeners to places and spaces new – for inspiration, relaxation, and dancefloor moments off the beaten path

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