Album artwork for Reference

Reference Alexander Kowalski

Release date: May 27, 2022
Cat No: MOC033
Barcode: 4250101444425
Digital Single
Alexander Kowalski is back on moC! On his new EP, he refers the ambiance and smoked-out sounds of Dub techno on all four tracks, revealing his deep and quieter producer-self.

The ‘Reference’ EP doesn’t try to reinvent something good. Instead, it evolves and expands on its theme and chosen genre. It carries Kowalski’s musical energy like water: from the introductory ‘Reference’ with its classic dub delays and ambient sounds, to the unhurried ‘Trawl JD’. The blows and strings of technoid ‘Deep Dive 990’ add drama and dancefloor tension - until it all washes ashore with sound on the beatless finale ‘Drifting Waves’. With this release, Kowalski once again shows his solid skills and the needlessness of proving anything to anyone.

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