Album artwork for Reframe

Reframe Benedikt Frey

Release date: May 18, 2015
Cat No: Playrjc 037
Barcode: 880319706615
Playrjc 037
8,70 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Dear madam, Dear sir, Ramona is ready to reveal yet another manmade mystery to humanity – "Reframe" by Benedikt Frey. Browsing through Frey’s back catalogue, one thing has always been certain with every new record released – Frey’s music has always been mystical, was working in different layers and has never been only a further development of the record before. "SH Birds" enters the Single with waves of hypnotizing synth-sounds, a weird vocal-sample and an analog-driven beat. "Signals" has a terribly wonderful build-up, starting with a basic rhythm from a kick-drum some hi-hat and a snare here and there and only lives off carefully chosen soundscapes. "Mind The Gap" goes right the opposite way from the track before – a striking bass- line throughout the track with a hunch of acid, a clap as hard as a smack to the head and mesmerizing vibes all over the place. "Good Night Houston" marks the last track of "Reframe" and starts out with a dark soundscape that drives right into an analogue outburst of old Chicago-ish acid-vibes and loses itself in the haze of deepness later on. Ramona is proud to present you this piece of strange and exotic fruit – let’s relish together. Farewell, Ramona

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