Album artwork for Regime Change

Regime Change Angioma

Release date: April 23, 2021
Cat No: MOCD021
Barcode: 4250101427107
Digital Single
Berliner-based French producer Angioma offers up a batch of fresh, techno-infused tracks with the Rebar duo on remix duties. Opener 'Regime Change' kicks off with a daunting ambiance, developing into a captivating vortex of spiralling synths atop a steady locomotive beat. 'Mutiny' complements perfectly, with its grave tension and pummeling percussion, guiding you through the track in an otherworldly manner. 'Red Sea' is a resolute, bouncy track with a glitched out lead and immersive melody, that proposes an entirely new, acid-tinged atmosphere breaching the usual norms of techno. It’s this track that catches the eye of moC label chefs Rebar who give it the remix treatment, adding some grit though brooding layers and soaring arpeggios.

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