Album artwork for Reisen

Reisen Tetzlaff

Release date: September 11, 2020
Cat No: MELODE0.7
Barcode: 4250101418860
8,20 €
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  • release
Secretly in the making for 25 years, 1995 marks point zero for this native electronic side project from Rico Puestel (Cocoon Recordings, TAU, Exhibition).

Back in the days, the basic idea of pure electronic song writing, the project name "Tetzlaff" as well as tidbits of first melodic themes, motivs and lyrical notes came into being - followed by a roller coaster ride of emotions, amendments, rejections and the dreadful search for the equipment (in the days before eBay) to make it sound the way it should.

"Reisen", illuminating two perspectives and homages to travelling, is the vanguard single, performing within the prospective shadows of what's to come...

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