Album artwork for Release Me

Release Me Redshape

Cat No: rb108
Barcode: 4250101446023
12,90 €
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Reunion time again. Running Back regular Redshape returns with Release Me. Four tracks and four deeper shades of Techno (or House?). It’s not a secret that the music of the man with the red mask is heavily influenced, inspired and informed by the blueprints and the symbolic language from the twin cities Detroit and Chicago.

The A-side is in debt of the latter. Delivered in two mixes, Release Me builds bridges between the frenzy side of acid house (Base Mix) and the more contemplative and restrained part of it (Windy Mix) – or where Saber meets State Street Records - haunting vocal phrases on top. Forward to Bonuz Me (the name gives it away) as a reminder of his popularity with the DJ guild and a piece of slam-dance. Finally, Second Ten bows to the Mo-Town and its techno soul with precise engineering from Redshape– strings and things included. Arts and craft!

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