Album artwork for Remix EP (rmxs by David Morales,Atjazz,Kai Alce)

Remix EP (rmxs by David Morales,Atjazz,Kai Alce) Kosmo Kint

Cat No: TOYT138
Barcode: 4250101448164
11,20 €
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This is a fat package of remixes. David Morales, Kai Alce, Atjazz, The Checkup. All reworked songs from the upcoming debut album of Kosmo Kint.

Toy Tonics discovered Kosmo Kint 3 years ago when looking for a singer to work with. Kosmo is a Soul vocalist raised in New York. He lives in Berlin since a few years, after studying Opera singing in Vienna and was looking for the right crew to hook up in Berlin. Toy Tonics was perfect. Now, After 4 collaborations on songs of different Toy Tonics artists (Kapote, Rhode & Brown, Mangabey, Sam Ruffilo) Kosmo is ready for an solo album. The album will come out in spring, as the music has a fresh uptempo neo soul vibe. But these 4 remixes are made to introduce the voice of Kosmo. Four fat remixes. Check out.

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