Album artwork for Remixed Vol.1 (Minilogue & Jan Jelinek Mixes)

Remixed Vol.1 (Minilogue & Jan Jelinek Mixes) Imps Aka Minilogue

Release date: November 17, 2008
Cat No: Mule Electronic 053
Barcode: 880319331718
Mule Electronic 053
11,20 €
First single cut from the remix album of Imps (aka Minilogue & Decoy) which will be released in the mid of Jan 2009. Seven artists of Minilogue, Isolee, Thomas Fehlmann, Move D, Jan Jelinek, Strategy, Koss joined to this album. Minilogue remix of the A side, they reconstructed the most dance track on the album "Uncle Limps" to more club friendly hypnotic tech house style, but it will become ambient tune from the latter half of the track. Jan Jelinek remix of b side, he chooses the most beautiful ambient track from the album and made more atmospheric version, it's simply beautiful music.
Das tolle Album von IMPS kommt in die verdiente Verlängerung. Feine Platte für Floor & Sofa.

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