Remixes 2/8

Release date: May 20, 2016
Cat No: KSQ 040
Barcode: 880319756313
Sold Out
The second release in this series starts with the heavily supressed and hypnotic energy of Efdemin’s Spiegelkerker remix on side A. Creating a dreamlike atmosphere, the track is carried by a slowly developing beat that keeps you totally engaged as it floats along. As a contrast, Psyk’s remix of Miscellanous Pt.7 on B1, with its classic 909 drum appeal and engrossed pad harmonies, creates a very deep classical vibe worthy of a Black Dog reference. The final track, a remastered version of Morgenstern’s Return Of The Living Deaf presents its pleasantly over-funked snare programming and build-ups that forge “true techno” eclecticism and dance floor functionality into one mighty laser sword of a track. Limited to 300 copies.