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Release date: November 25, 2013
Cat No: O-Ton 073
Barcode: 880319642517
Sold Out
After Function’s epic debut album "Incubation" had several months to breathe, Ostgut Ton issues four remixes by Function contemporaries Rrose, Vatican Shadow, Recondite and NSI. Spread over 4 sides of vinyl they paint a picture rich in texture and atmospheres fitting it’s origin. Like the album, the remixes transcend club concepts of electronic music and techno as they unravel in surrounding territories.

After initial releases on Sandwell District the darkly mysterious Rrose seems a natural choice for this EP and Rrose reveals a deep and instinctive understanding of Function’s sound world. The remix of "Against The Wall" picks up the hypnotic acid of the original and spins it into manic depths, relentless and powerful. Vatican Shadow hones in on the fragile beauty present in the original "Psychic Warfare". Like a different side of the same coin, the track portrays a far away view of the original, where memory enhances the warmth and the contrast between tension and ease in Function’s original.

German producer Recondite has been going from strength to strength in recent months and his remix of "Incubation (Ritual)" confirms this status, seemingly understated, his remix achieves a stunning grip with minimal texture, killer synth line and bass, effortlessly solid. The last remix comes from artist pairing NSI. Max Loderbauer and Tobias Freund share between them the huge experience of half a life time in music and sound engineering and Freund also mixed the "Incubation" album. For their remix they tap into Function’s early music influences and layer elements of pioneering German electronic experimentation with ambient and psychedelic sensitivity, creating a dark, brooding version of "Inter", that seems to close the circle between the then and now in living electronic music.

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