Remixes 3/8

Release date: June 10, 2016
Cat No: KSQ 041
Barcode: 880319756412
8,70 €
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The third release in this series opens up with Fanon Flower’s remix of “Be Good To Me” on the A-side, and has everything we love about Fanon’s signature sound - an industrial rave-stomper that provides a heavy 909 beat topped with mercilessly propelling Chicago-style claps. The B-side kicks off with Henning Baer’s remix of “Visco Space Saves The World” - a super trippy and minimal interpretation of the much more heavy original, which was a raw and gloomy industrial monster with a bold noize overload. Its progression changes build up neatly but peak in an epic spiral break down that shatters the soul. B2 is a remastered version of “Herz aus Stahl” by the mastermind Christian Morgenstern himself, presenting an upfront, sinister Electrofunk monster that attacks with waves of synth menace straight from its metallic robocop-heart.