Remixes 4/8

Release date: July 1, 2016
Cat No: KSQ 042
Barcode: 880319756511
8,70 €
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Ep number four of this series of eight remastered tracks with remix-tributes to the techno legend Christian Morgenstern is here, and kicks off with D_func’s remix of “Steigreider” on side A. Creating a warm grayscale atmosphere, the track is carried by a heavy sub kick groove that’s saturated with the modern industrial energy that proves Kowalski’s skills as a techno craftsman. As a contrast, Jeroen Search’s remix of Aces High on B1 is a more minimal interpretation, carried by a slowly developing beat and playing skillfully with the most recognisable elements of the original. The final track, a remastered version of Morgenstern’s Lydia To The Edge Of Panic is a timeless classic, painting a Morgenstern-typical distant and dream like landscape and opening up into a widescreen chord progression, with an epic build up.