Remixes 5/8

Release date: September 9, 2016
Cat No: KSQ 043
Barcode: 880319757914
8,70 €
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The fifth release in this tribute series to the techno legend Christian Morgenstern is here. Side A kicks off with a trippy version of Morgenstern’s “Spiegelkerker”, by Konsequent label chief Maral Salmassi - a carefully set psychedelic trap, building up gently just to drag you through its tunnelling groove, inside the eye of the hurricane. TWR72’s remix of “Ex Machina” on B1, merges the interlocking samples of the original in a vortex, spiral around the pounding kick, rolling right into the heart of the Milky Way.The final track, a remastered version of Morgenstern’s “Girls Got Rhythm” sets the pace, with a dense groove and pounding beats, accenting a colourful cluster of house elements, with streams of sparkling metallic percussion.