Remixes 6/8

Release date: September 30, 2016
Cat No: KSQ 044
Barcode: 880319758010
8,70 €
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The sixth release in this series of eight opens up with Alexander Kowalski’s remix of “Lydia To The Edge Of Panic” on the A-side. Kowalski’s version is a pounding techno monster, with a heaving baseline and delayed chords, hinting at a more sinister dimension beyond the edge of panic. Trolly Route’s (aka. Oscar Mulero) remix of “Miscellaneous Pt. 7” on A-2, lulls and hypnotizes with an acid-tinged interpretation of the original track, that nods to the plus 8 school of techno. The B-side kicks off with Jeff Rushin’s remix of “Little Green Apples”, pairing the spacious and beautifully gloomy background atmosphere of the original track with a heavier version of its rhythmic framework. The final track gives us the re-mastered original version of “Confort Corpse”, which displays Christian Morgenstern’s uncanny dedication to exploration and his love for the 80s.