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Remixes (by JD Twitch, Tentenko, Mense Reents) We Smile

Cat No: ntunsure01
Barcode: 4250101452895
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We Smile were part of the Hamburger Schule back in the early Nineties: expressive vocals, associative lyrics in German and English, brittle guitars and overall a quite broad interpretation of the general idea of Pop. Now, 30 years later, Hamburg label Couldn’t Care More releases these spectacular remixes of songs from We Smiles album “Für Die Anderen”: Glasgows JD Twitchs (Optimo) turns “Sack Voll Drogen” into one twisted colossus of a track, made from electro, breaks and rave , Tokyos Tentenko fires up the Casio for her two versions of "31 24 42" and Hamburgs Mense Reents (Egoexpress, Die Vögel, Die Goldenen Zitronen) builds the most extraordinary elegant Pop song from the sparse "Can't Resist (Popmusiker Sind Auch Künstler-Version)". Also included is the formidable (and remastered) original of "Kind Und Kegel".

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