Album artwork for Remixes - Where We Need No Map

Remixes - Where We Need No Map Springintgut

Release date: July 15, 2013
Cat No: Pingipung 38
Barcode: 880319632815
Pingipung 38
8,70 €
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Springintgut's album “Where We Need No Map” (Pingipung37, April 2013) has been reworked by a motley set of musicians. This EP features Dub, Disco, Deep-House and Skweee remixes of the cello-heavy compositions which have originally been recorded during tours in India and Japan. Duke Slammer (Bonusround) from London is one of the prodigies of the upcoming Skweee-Scene (which is otherwise mainly based in Scandinavia). Slow, bouncy beatworks merge with the essence of Springintgut's synth-hooks of “Dizzy Heights”, with Sasha Perera's vocals skillfully chopped and spiced. Pingipung's hey-ø-hansen and Peter Presto re- work the ponderous “Ode To Yakushima” which ori- ginally consists of nothing but pizzicato cello chords and a Japanese voice field recording. Both artists turn this melancholy last track of the album into a deep and cheerful Dub-Session. RSS Disco are a much beloved DJ trio from Pin- gipung's hometown Hamburg, whose fame has re- cently grown on quickly sold-out records like their beautiful “Disco Very EP” (Mireia Rec). They pick the Indian track on the album and remix the south Indian string sections and vocals over layers of hypnotic percussion. Tilman Tausendfreund (Hypercolour) takes up the theme of “Ode To Yakushima” again. The DJ and producer from Hamburg dives deep into the cello pads and manages to cut the Japanese vocals in a way that they turn into a dancefloor lullaby. Finally, Icarus (Leaf Rec) from London apply their algorithms to “Incentive Pizzicato”. It turns into a 7 min drum and pizzicato orgy with an unexpected piano in between. (Only in the digital release)

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