Album artwork for Render

Render Cologne Tape



Release date: June 14, 2010
Cat No: MAG 001
Barcode: 880319474613
Mini LP
MAG 001
9,70 €
The buzz has been around for some time, but now it's getting real! The recently created Cologne Label MAGAZINE will release COLOGNE TAPE on its debut record. Until now, they have made their appearances almost hidden, but it might not be too far-fetched to refer to them as a kind of supergroup: COLOGNE TAPE are MICHAELA DIPPEL (ADA), AXEL WILLNER (THE FIELD), JÖRG BURGER (THE MODERNIST, BURGER & VOIGT), PHILIPP JANZEN (VON SPAR), JENS-UWE BEYER (POPNONAME), VOLKER PANNES (DEEPULSE), JOHN HARTEN and DANIEL ANSORGE as well as other friends from the label's entourage like JOHN STANIER (BATTLES), MARIO KATZ and MICHAEL HEYDEBRECK who are not appearing on this record. When listening to the mini album RENDER, one can hear that COLOGNE TAPE can sound like HELDON, SOFT MACHINE, EMTIDI, HUMAN RESOURCE, MIKE DUNN, AFX all together, or completely different. And this is only the beginning. Next year, a long album will follow. RENDER is the first release, and will be strictly limited to 300 records, and 1000 downloads. It is the first document of the group's sprawling, unpredictable future. Drifting synth sounds meet blown away vocals, preset shout-outs hit stoic drums, and mountains of noise lure far away guitars. RENDER 2 in the MAGAZINE EDIT of COLOGNE TAPE-members and MAGAZINE-founders BARNT, CRATO and PNN moreover translates the improvisation into a slow rave hit with a brute fanfare that finishes in an unbelievable solo of a transverse flute. So the group's energy will also be palpable on the dance floor. Watch out for MAGAZINE 2 by BARNT, MAGAZINE 3 by PNN + DOC (PNN and JAKI LIEBEZEIT) and MAGAZINE 4 by LOOPS OF YOUR HEART (aka THE FIELD)!

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