Album artwork for Rent

Rent Itaca

Release date: November 15, 2019
Cat No: MHC4
Barcode: 4250101412240
Digital Single
Martin Hossbach loves to hear cover versions. He is also a Pet Shop Boys fan. He therefore decided to ask his friends and fa-vourite artists to cover a Pet Shop Boys song of their liking to be released on the new sub-label Martin Hossbach Cover. Also, it was Neil Tennant’s 65th birthday on 10 July 2019 and Chris Lo-we’s 60th on 4 October 2019 which were welcome occasions to ce-lebrate Pet Shop Boys’ music.

Itaca is an Italian synth-pop trio from Frosinone, near Rome. Today, Ossi Viola and Lo Selbo are based in Berlin.

The cover image for each release is a sketch, a drawing, a pain-ting or a caricature of Pet Shop Boys. The illustration for »Rent« comes from Oska Wald, singer and guitarist of the band Chuckamuck.

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