Release date: July 26, 2010
Cat No: GZH24
Barcode: 5060109090871
Sold Out
Fieldhead is P Elam (a former resident of Leeds, UK and now Vancouver, Canada). He produces ambient/electronic music that delights in tape hiss, geography, bleak landscapes and decaying analogue loops. He is also a full time member of Hood side project The Declining Winter and a part time member of Glissando's Fleeting Glimpse Ensemble. His debut release was the 'Introductions' EP, self released in 2008, followed by the acclaimed album 'They Shook Hands for Hours' on Home Assembly Music in 2009. The now sold out split 'Crest' EP with Copenhagen's Iris to Hypnos was released on Static Caravan in February 2010. Fieldhead tracks have appeared on compilations from Second Language Records (alongside Vashti Bunyan, Hauschka, and Peter Broderick, amongst others) and Japan's Nothings66 records (alongside Helios, Goldmund and The Sight Below, amongst others). Live Fieldhead have shared stages across Europe with Tim Hecker, Lusine, Library Tapes, Machinefabriek, Jenniferever, Grouper, Jasper TX and more. Fieldhead's latest release comes in the form of Riser. A creation borne out of a desire to bring the sound of the human voice to the core of Fieldhead's music, and to rally against an idea of it as peripheral, as an afterthought to the music. The EP continues the love of tape hiss, grainy textures and dusty loops married with brevity and melody to be found in the album preceeding it ('They Shook Hands for Hours'), but this time the pallete has been stripped back to just the human voice and minimal, organic synthesisers. Each track on this EP started life as a series of vocal recordings supplied by one of the five contributors: Anna-Lynne Williams (of Trespassers William), Chantal Acda (of Sleepingdog), Anneke Kampman (of Conquering Animal Sound), Elly May Irving (of Glissando) and Esker (of The Boats and The Sea). These recordings were then shaped and coloured to form the base for the music to grow from and to merge with. The result is a beautifully coherent whole, the warmth of the human voice working hand in hand with the emotive tonal drifts of Fieldhead's electronics.