Album artwork for Road to Yuzu EP

Road to Yuzu EP Perdu

Release date: December 7, 2018
Cat No: OMDD 003
Barcode: 4250101402814
Digital Single
OMDD 003
The Netherland's Perdu presents the Alteration EP Road To Yuzu: Road To Yuzu originates from a long drive to the east of Holland. I was on my way to a place called Yuzu after a long day in the studio, where I was stuck in an old flow and sound. I found myself re-evaluating this flow, and it felt like I was ready for something new. This drive somewhat changed the sound I wanted to focus on, giving me new energy and inspiration. Road to Yuzu, a melancholic driven breakbeat track, represents this turning point. Phasing In The acid elements characterize the over-rushed society we live in, where we forget to stand still at times. The kalimba percussion and synthesizers represents the opposite; feeling grounded and conscious. With Phasing in, I tried to combine these feelings to express the contradiction of the two. Anxious World The last track of the EP starts with dreamy synths slowly evolving into a heavy leading bass with breakbeat elements. The short didgeridoo cuts and the use of the old Yamaha SY22 synthesizer rounded up the track. Alteration EP With the three tracks taken together I tried to give an output on all different thoughts going on in the studio while making music. I’m always in search to keep the balance between dancefloor movement and calmness. It’s a process where everything is subject to change and alteration.

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