Album artwork for Romance

Romance Dominik Marz

Release date: December 11, 2020
Cat No: MOP002
Barcode: 4250101423048
11,50 €
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  • release
Midnight Operators is back with its second release, which is also the first vinyl to be released on this imprint. Dominik Marz has his label debut with a solid four-tracker, delivering his signature blend of Avantgarde House and Indie Dance.

A1 Dominik Marz blends melancholic arpeggios and gloomy pads with a rock-solid groove to what is the title track of his four-track vinyl debut on Midnight Operators.

A2 A driving baseline and howling synths already are a match made in heaven, but Dominik Marz manages to take the track up a notch when he brings in distorted leads together slightly shuffled percussion.

B1 Dominik Marz opens with straightforward percussive and melodic elements immediately catch the listeners' attention, only to surprise him when he intertwines these with another harmonic layer and triplet rhythmic elements.

B2 This track comes with wonky pads and a haunty aura, slowly building up tension and eeriness. Dominik Marz manages to maintain this particularly blood-curdling atmosphere, despite the backbone of a catchy groove and steady baseline.

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