Album artwork for Rooftop Hostel

Rooftop Hostel Timboletti

Release date: February 24, 2017
Cat No: 3000° 040
Barcode: 880319850110
There's some serious party going on at Rooftop Hostel. The rhythmic thump of the bassline sends clouds of fractalized melodies and the unmistakable smell of euphoria into the evening sky. At some point Mollono.Bass enters the stage and takes over. The ribbons of his intertwined melodies make the exotic atmosphere oscillate even higher – so high that you might be wondering if these guys up there at Rooftop Hostel are still partying above the city, or if they departed to a different planet already. Speaking of different planets: The Illegal Juice Bar of Timboletti serves a mysterious, oriental cocktail that is clearly not from this particular world. If you ask with a wink and a sly smile, you might even get a so-called Disco Boost version. It bubbles in your stomach, it bubbles in your veins... before it erupts into the most blissful loss of control.

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