Album artwork for Rotation 01

Rotation 01 Various Artists

Release date: April 29, 2022
Barcode: 4250101444210
Digital Single
Forward ever, backwards never… Damon Jee’s Dust & Blood imprint keeps on spinning with the very first in an exciting new VA series – ‘Rotation 01’

Still honing the label’s star-gazing sound, this 005 release sees Damon harnessing the label’s cosmic noir essence even more than before. This time he’s not only joined by long-time studio sparring partner Darlyn Vlys but also with exciting new-generation dark disco talents Surfface and MMYYLO.

The result is a one-way ticket around the Dust & Blood solar system… A place where the stars throb and shine to Damon’s full-steam electroid bass on ‘Revolte’, where asteroids drift overhead to the heavenly humanised tones on Darlyn’s ‘Guarma’ and where planets turn merrily to the heady late night chug of fellow French artist MMYLO’s ‘Saturne’. A place where young Finnish artist Surfface has the duty of bringing us home on his rainbow rocket ‘U-Shield’. An emotional finale to an epic voyage, it captures the dreamy, far-away cosmic escapism both Damon and his label are synonymous with… And leaves us waiting for another trip as soon as possible.

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