Album artwork for Roter Gitterling & Tintenfischpilz

Roter Gitterling & Tintenfischpilz Dominik Eulberg

Release date: March 23, 2018
Cat No: Apus Apus 2
Barcode: 880319906312
Apus Apus 2
9,20 €
Dominik Eulberg’s second EP on his label Apus apus features the track “Roter Gitterling“ (eng. Basket stinkhorn / Red cage) on the a side and „Tintenfischpilz“ (engl. Octopus stinkhorn / Devil's fingers) on the flip side. A. Roter Gitterling The fleshy red cage of this kind of mushroom reminds of a merging of an upside down shopping string bag and an alien. Not allowing any objection, the track strides forward with determination towards a musical interpretation of this strange being. A fulminant kick drum counteracts in a very prosaic way the bitter-sweet pads. In a very narrative fashion the track gathers speed and flocks diverse soundscapes and disembogues in a break of harmonical expanse. Conciliatory and in a hedonistic way the bass drum eventually stitches together what belongs to each other.

B. Tintenfischpilz This bizarre looking extraterrestrial mushroom evokes at first glance the image of a dead octopus or radioactive vegetable. As in a science fiction movie four to six tentacles sprout and raise out of a common stinkhorn and later spread into a star shape look. In an unparalleled manner this stunning progression is executed musically by Eulberg with a high degree of elaboration. All done with elegant blend of continuous progression and permanent change the track wreathes itself towards heaven, whereas fragmented melody artifacts pour into the shape of a miraculous emergence.

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